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Many buried in the Evangelical Church Cemetery are inter-related. The maiden name of the woman is in parenthesis. The different generations are evident in the local families. My list only gives birth year and death year.

note:names with day, month, and year are my families


If you have the month and day please email me

Last Name First Name M.I. Maiden Day Month Year Day Month Year Notes
Watkins Jane         1838     1903 wife of J.B.
Rees David W.       1882     1903 son of Thomas and Jane
Jones Nicholas         1874     1898 son of W.B. and C. Jones
Miller Annie         1873     1898
Miller Polly   Kauffman     1833     1898 wife of T.T. Miller
Miller Tobias T.       1825     1895  
Miller Polly         1865     1896  
Miller Wilma F.               dau of J.K. and Sadie
Rhoades Jacob         1855     1929  
Rhoades Catherine   Kring     1857     1934  
Rhoades Stella L. Smay     1900     1919 wife of Carl D.

dau of John and Elizabeth

Rhoades George R.               4 sided stone (East)
Rhoades Eva J.               4 sided stone (North)
Rhoades Children of J. and K. Rhoades           4 sided stone (West)
Rhoades David         1875     1890  
Seese George E.       1887     1889 son of G.W. and R.A.
Seese George W.       1849     1923  
Seese Rebecca   Rhoades           1940 no stone
Stull Percy C.       1899     1960  
Stull Elizabeth   Storey     1877     1971 wife of J.W.M.
Stull J. W.M.       1820     1907  
Stull John F.       1820     1907  
Stull Catherine         1825     1909  

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